TEMVI arms healthcare CEOs, board members and partners (Fiduciary Leaders) with the tools needed to defend against ransomware attacks and limit the legal liability increasingly associated with them. TEMVI’s team of lawyers, engineers, and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals will work with your healthcare organization to:

  • Help CEOs and boards understand and manage the liability posed by cyber attacks
  • Help CEOs and boards understand and manage responsibility under regulatory frameworks like HITRUST, HIPPA and FISMA
  • Help CEOs and Boards  prioritize and manage a plan of action to address the vulnerabilities that they face.

It is important to recognize that Fiduciary Leaders of medical service providers can face personal civil or criminal legal liability where their oversight of cybersecurity is deemed negligent.

Accordingly, Fiduciary Leaders need independent  legal assurance around the work of employees and vendors who program, maintain and configure the organization's IT systems.  TEMVI provides Fiduciary Leaders with the legal assurance that their IT systems will not pose civil or criminal risk to the organization or to individual leaders personally. 

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