Affordable Cybersecurity for Small Business 
Effective cybersecurity is not cheap. It is a state; not a device or an automated platform. It is a customized management system staffed by high-level, full-time professionals.  It typically requires an investment of thousands of hours by highly specialized lawyers, cybersecurity consultants and senior managers. Smaller operations (i.e. operations generating less than $50 million in annual revenue.) simply do not have the option to invest the $500,000 required to start the process. Smaller operations are typically left to rely on off-the shelf consumer applications and automated, cloud-based solutions.

TEMVI Small Business Solutions (TSBS)
To address this affordability issue, we have created TEMVI Small Business Solutions (TSBS). TSBS packages the legal, technical and management services into a custom-scaled yet highly effective affordable cybersecurity solution for smaller operations. Solutions to the the big crises facing our planet will require diverse perspectives. Until organizations of all sizes in our ecosystem are safe from cyberattacks, we are all vulnerable from downstream attacks via trusted connections.

As well, TEMVI is launching its CYBER-EQUITY INITIATIVE  which focuses on identifying and supporting small business owners from underrepresented communities generating less than $3 million in yearly revenues with pricing and financing packages. These solutions are  scaled to the ability of the organization to pay.  (Click here to learn more)